Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mt. Rainier: Comet Falls and Van Trump Creek

[Photo-post by Katrina.  Trip from last weekend, July 6, 2013]

Cascades of the Van Trump Creek: definitely the sign of a good trail, when these types of views are only about 10 minutes in to the hike :-)

Comet Falls: 320 feet drop

Per guide book:  "acres of meadows unfolding with brightly colored wildflowers in summer months...": hmmmm... I guess July 6th isn't quite summer yet since the meadows were still unfolding with snow fields!

An exciting bonus: our own personal marmot friend, up close and personal!
If you didn't notice him at first glance, I guess that's a demonstration of the whole evolutionary camouflage thing, and a chance to play "Where is Marmot"?

Doesn't it make you appreciate the wonders of modern dentistry?

And voilà — "The Mountain": Mount Rainier (14,409 ft) rising in all it's glory

Quite the beautiful hike, even with all of (or because of?) the trampling around the snowfields looking for the trail!

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