Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recycled Spirits of Iron & Mount Rainier

[Cross-posting from Katrina's Facebook, from a trip to Mt. Rainier National Park last weekend]

Break from house-planning desperately needed!

Very unique Recycled Iron Sculptures on the way for another chance to snowshoe in the mountains!

* * *

First stop, on the way to Mount Rainier: some people have amazing, and rather surprising, talents. Starting out as a welder, and turning into a “Recycled Spirits of Iron” sculpture-making:

A horse made of horse-shoes!

I knew the spiders from Harry Potter were real!

 What a pelican!

And after two miles and 1500 vertical feet of a beautiful, sunny forest without a spot of snow in sight: let the snow-shoeing begin!

What moss!

Over the next two miles as we’re climbing another 1200 feet: only a few glimpses through the trees of the mountains beyond.

And then suddenly: the trees open up, and we’ve reached Indian Henry's Hunting Ground at the base of Mount Rainier, the magnificent

A glimpse of Mt St. Helens on the way down: a distant vision with its own glory and memory of destruction. Hopefully the Seattle area won’t live to see a similar eruption from Mount Rainier!

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