Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Three of Construction: True Appreciation for Excavation Equipment :)

My Accomplishment of Day 3: Putting in 100ft of silt fence myself.

Reflection: digging manually is really hard. Trackhoes are really awesome. J Though I do really like my new shovel: I hope it survives through all the rocky soil out here!
Goal for tomorrow: put in the rest of the silt fence, and pass ‘site preparation’ inspection on Friday.

Excavators’ Accomplishments of Day 3: Hauled off 150yds of duff to be recycled into mulch somewhere (they can’t get a grinding machine through the trestle bridge or up the hill to grind at the building site). Felled the huge maple tree, and the rest of the trees in the backyard & septic area. 


 Walk-through of our Property: Things are definitely coming along!

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Looks great!