Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 1: Battle of Chainsaws vs. Trees

At long last, the anticipated day has finally arrived: clearing on our property has begun! 

Our darling little Trackoe J
Yes, indeed, her name is “Darling”!
One day down, and our forested, shady building site has been transformed into a battlefield, with the fallen numbering too many trees to count. 

Victors of the battle include two chainsaws and a lot of sunshine! And now we can actually see the sky from our building site! 

A heartfelt thanks to all our fallen trees for clearing passage for our road and house, and eventually for warming our house when we use them as firewood J

We now have a road started!
(Granted, it might still be a bit too rough for our '97 Saturn, but the Trackhoe can get around on it!)

One of our fallen warriors… he will be missed J

How to… fell a massive 200ft Washington tree J
Step 1: Have 48 years experience, like our lead tree feller!
Step 2: Cut out a V-shaped notch on the side you want the tree to fall (by the way – aim carefully!)
Step 3: Chainsaw into the other side, potentially hammering in a wedge for extra leverage.
Step 4: Hope that tree does not get caught or pushed to the side by stray branches from neighboring trees.

Step 5: Wait for the crash…!

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