Saturday, August 12, 2006

Like father, like son

Alrighty. So maybe weirdness in writing is a family trait. My father called a collegue of his today, and left a message on her answering machine. He then sent her an email, writing "... as I told your answering machine (we had a nice conversation), I will be in town tomorrow after 1pm...", etc. After sending his message, he decided to clarify himself with another email:

" ... I have the habit of rereading my own E-mails a few hours after sending them. So I read my previous message, and was wondering: “What did you make of the very first phrase (about having a nice conversation with the answering machine)? Did you consider it another trying and senseless joke? Will you call me buffoon?”

No! It wasn’t a joke at all. I was deadly serious. The conversation with your answering machine was admirable, indeed. Let me elaborate:
  1. She greeted me wholeheartedly
  2. She informed me in a pleasant voice that you can’t take the phone, but urged to tell whatever I have to tell nevertheless
  3. She then listened attentively
  4. She didn’t laugh at my accent, nor did she interrupt me every other second with unnerving “Pardon me? Pardon me?”
  5. She let me tell all I wanted, without least arguing
  6. She passed it on you, without changing a word.
She was cordial, polite, attentive, understanding, obedient… What more can you expect from your partner by conversation, and from the conversation itself?!

She made my day. Best regards to her. Promise her that I’ll call again… "

... And you say that MY writing style is excessive?


Dom said...

yes, your writing style is excessive.

Dom said...

"non-existant posts"??? What are you talking about? To date, you have commented once on my last FIVE posts, not to mention all the other before that... I can understand if you had nothing to comment, but non-existant posts?
Btw, when are you arriving in E-ville?

Anonymous said...

That was one of funnier things I've read in a while.

Anonymous said...

haha i have to agree with your on the points of answering machines being nice... lol that was till i listened to one that said not to leave a message and they are serious about it. lol it was weird.

Anonymous said...

wups I meant I have to agree with your dad. lol

Dom said...

hey! time to post again!! I'll do it too.